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Healthy and Unhealthy Options At McDonalds

Is it possible to contain calories and eat healthy at McDonalds’s?! How to avoid fast food self-sabotage. Did you know that 46 million people eat at McDonald’s each day?! That’s more than the entire population of Spain. Talk about a global phenomenon. Whether for reasons of enjoyment or out of necessity, we inevitably end up at this fast food joint once in a blue moon. While McDonald’s may not be our cuisine of choice, there are ways to choose a relatively healthy meal that doesn’t sabotage our workout regimens or ruin our diets with a calorie bomb. Just because Ronald McDonald sports a ...

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A Different Approach To Fitness Goals

Getting into better shape starts with looking at how the opposite sex trains.

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Gluten-Free For Athletes: Pt. 1

What is gluten, and is it our diet's latest nemesis? You’ve read anecdotal tales of gluten-free diets improving athletic performance. Gluten-free products litter the shelves of health food stores and sales of these foods were well over $2 billion last year. Due in part to emerging research on the topic and, more likely, to the food industry’s excitement over the potential to create and sell even more processed foods, gluten-free diets have been touted for their health benefits as more and more decide to give up foods containing gluten. With all of this media attention, it can be difficult ...

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Tips On Maintaining New Year’s Resolution

Keeping your diet in check and following through on your resolutions is as simple as following these steps.

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Learn to Love the Leg Press

While squatting may be the cornerstone of your training program, these leg press variations will help take your strength gains to the next level. I have no doubt that 1R readers smartly spend most of their gym time hauling barbells and heaving dumbbells, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for oft-maligned weight machines. The humble leg press is a strong candidate for inclusion in your training routine, and below I’ll discuss why it’s a great tool for every type of lifter. The Novice The biggest criticism of the leg press is that you can extend the range of motion by flexing your ...

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Arm Exercises for the Holidays

These arm exercises may very well be the best present you get this year. It’s late December and you’ve been squatting, deadlifting, and benching your way through the fall and into winter… as you should be. But now that the holidays are here, and you’re more than likely in a deload week, which means there’s no better time to reward yourself with the gift that keeps on giving. No I’m not talking about Ugg slippers, iPad’s, or Tickle Me Elmo’s… I’m talking about the best arms exercises you’ve probably never seen before! Mix these in over the extended break and I guarantee you’ll be feeling...

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Nov 2017

Speed Enhancement Workouts

Who isn't interested in learning how to become a faster runner? Even if you are not an athlete and just enjoy looking and feeling better, adding speed training to your workout will help you target different muscle groups, burn more calories, and help you make significant changes in your physique. But what is speed training? Contrary to popular belief, training for speed is more than just going out and running sprints. Rather it’s a dedication to the development of all areas that surround speed which include dynamic range of motion, static range of motion, and strength. I know those te...

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Stronger or “Fitter” - What Are Your Training Goals?

Taking a closer look at the benefits of Crossfit, P90x, and other fad workouts for serious athletes. Current training crazes like CrossFit, Insanity, P90X, and the 300 workout, have prompted so many questions from athletes as to why they’re not a part of their prescribed strength training program that it came time clear the air. To do so, I’ve compiled my thoughts on each training aspect below in the hopes of giving better direction to athletes who are intrigued by the marketing hype. Without further delay, let’s tackle the most popular first: CrossFit These workouts tend to vary in natu...

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Critical Component Series - Strength Training

You can’t shoot a cannon out of a canoe. Here’s how to use strength training to construct a strong foundation for optimal performance. In this 6-part series, I will explain each of the essential pieces that comprise a complete strength and conditioning program for an MMA athlete. The six components are: Dynamic Warm-Up Explosive Medicine Ball Movements MMA-Specific Resistance Training Flexibility Energy System Development Regeneration Time Having discussed the importance of a dynamic warmup, and explosive movements, it’s time now to move onto the meat and...

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The OneResult Winter Program - Phase 1

If you’ve been looking for a training program to help you build muscle, gain strength, and drop body fat this winter, continue reading. Fail to plan is planning to fail. This rings particularly true when discussing exercise programs. You wouldn’t travel somewhere you’ve never been before without having directions would you? If your fitness goals are supposed to take you somewhere “new,” such as increased strength, weight loss, looking better naked, etc. then you need a road map to help you get there. This is Phase 1 of a three phase (12 week) training program that will help you get stro...

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Alternative Protein Sources

Break out of your diet rut with these frequently neglected protein sources. Traditional “bodybuilding foods” like chicken, eggs, protein powder, and tuna are staples for a reason: they’re all high and lean-protein, relatively-low fat, and easy to prepare. They can though turn eating into a tedious affair. To help offset that boredom, here are 8 foods that pack not only protein, but a variety of flavors and vital nutrients. I’ve included relative protein contents for each of them, though note that different amino acid profiles can affect how your body uses protein. Typically, vegetable s...

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The Value of Casein Protein

You may be familiar with whey protein, but what is casein protein and why should you be taking it? If looking to maximize your lean muscle mass and increase your strength, proper protein intake is a must. For, as I’m sure you’ve heard, protein rich foods and supplements are the building blocks of quicker recoveries and lean muscle mass increases. But while most people now know the benefits of fast digesting proteins like whey, the vast majority are unaware of the importance of slower digesting casein supplements. But what’s so special about casein, and how does it differ from whey prot...

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Nov 2017

Athlete Cardio Workouts

If you’re trying to burn fat, these cardio options will be much more helpful than a slow jog on the treadmill. We’ve all had a great laugh while watching people do cardio workouts while talking on the phone, texting their BFF, or reading a magazine. We’ve all seen them time and again; those barely sweating, not short of breath, but all the while thinking that they’re, “getting it done.” The good news is, if you’re here that’s probably not you. You’re an athlete who trains with a purpose. If the purpose though is to get into better shape, burn fat, or simply improve your athletic perform...

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Kettlebell Exercises to Increase your Strength

Using kettlebells to improve your overall strength and gain muscle. Kettlebells are typically known for improving endurance, but they can also be used for strength training as well. We discussed using kettlebells to improve your power endurance last time, and now we’ll look at how the kettlebell can help you improve your strength and pack on the pounds over the next few months. With that in mind, here are the lower body and upper body kettlebell exercises I use to get my power athletes as strong as humanly possible. Lower Body Exercises Goblet Squat The goblet squat is a great exe...

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Speed Strength Training

A few strength training tips that will improve your speed and explosiveness.

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The Best Predictor of Athletic Performance

Does being “functional” really make you a better athlete? Survey says, “no.” The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) has become quite popular in the strength and conditioning and physical therapy scene in the past few years. But while some say it can predict the athletic ability of an athlete, others, bolstered by a recent study concluding that FMS does not have precedence over strength and speed testing in athletes, believe it has nothing to do with athletic ability. So what’s the deal? Does the FMS actually predict athletic ability in athletes better than normal strength and speed testing?...

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The OneResult Winter Program - Phase 2

Building muscle and burning fat this winter doesn’t have to be complicated. Here’s phase 2 of the program that will help you get the results you’re looking for this winter. With Phase 1 complete, it’s time to build on the foundational strength we’ve developed and begin Phase 2. The general template will remain the same, as there won’t be a ton of changes this month. I prefer to keep the base movements - squats, deadlifts, pull-ups, and presses, the same for month 2. Why? Because they’re the most effective compound movements out there for developing overall body strength. We will however ch...

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Supplements for Female Athletes

The top sports supplements to help support your healthy athletic lifestyle, without making you look like a man. As a strength and conditioning coach at Syracuse I get a lot of questions, specifically from females, about what type of supplements to take as an athlete. And the truth is, any active female, whether you’re just trying to tone up, or trying to compete at the Division I level, can benefit from some type of supplementation. So, in an effort to address the myths associated with these products and their effects, I’ve put together a list of what I’ve found to be the top vitamins and...

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Top Foods for Athletes

These healthy power foods will push your diet, body composition, and athletic performance to the next level.

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Nov 2017

The Borkowski Agility Series

Increased foot speed, acceleration speed, and transitional speed are all byproducts of these four new agility drills. So you’ve mastered The Star Drill and are ready for a new, and exciting, agility challenge? If so, it’s time to learn the Borkowski drill, a series of different agility drills all of which use the same cone set up, and all of which will improve your foot, acceleration, and transitional, speed. After all, athletes who transition the smoothest, and quickest, inherently have an edge over their competition. Now that you’re interested, let’s talk about how to properly set up ...

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