10 Workouts To Boost Hip Flexibility

10 Workouts To Boost Hip Flexibility

Tight hips mean less speed, less agility, and less power… Here are ten exercises to improve your hip flexibility.

Hip extension and hip flexibility. Why are both important to you, the athlete? Well, simply put, 75% of your mobility is determined from how loose your hips are. Therefore tight hips mean less speed, less agility, and less power… all bad things on gameday. However, if you adhere to the following routine, you’ll have greatly improved hip range of motion. These stretches and exercises can be done as a workout on their own or you can pick a few to use before games and practices:

1. Hip circles – move your hips in a circle in the standing position and on your knees
        10 each direction at each position

2. Peyton Manning’s (requires a partner) – To open your hips up and sufficiently stretch your hip flexors, lay down on your stomach, and have a partner lift your foot up (with your knee bent), while the other leg remains straight and on the ground.
        3 sets of 20 seconds on each leg

3. Justin Tuck’s – With your back against the wall, and using a hurdle or garbage can, slowly lift your leg over it while keeping both legs straight. Your body is not in motion here, just the leg you’re lifting
        3 sets of 20 reps on each leg- make certain you’re doing these slowly 

4. While walking, lift each leg up to your chest, as a sprinter would when warming up prior to a heat
        3 sets of 20 reps on each leg

5. While walking, swing each leg out as if stepping over a fence
        3 sets of 20 reps on each leg

6. Pendulums – swing your leg so that you kick out 90 degrees forward and then all the way back to 90 degrees behind your body like a pendulum. These can also be done laterally.
        10 each leg in each direction

7. Sumos – facing a wall squat all the way down so that your but is as low as possible. As you are coming up swing your back leg across while keeping your forward leg as your pivot, take a step over into a position where your body is facing the opposite direction, and squat down again. 
        10 sumo squats facing each direction (alternating)

8. Tuck jumps – jump into the air and grab your knees at the top of the jump
        15 reps total

9. Smith machine step overs - Set up a smith machine bar as high as your hips from the ground. 
       10 step overs with each leg leading


10. Smith machine step unders - Set up a smith machine bar as high as your hips from the ground.
        10 step unders with each leg leading

And with these ten exercises, if incoporated frequently into your strength training program, your hips will loosen, and flexibility, quickness, speed, and explosiveness will all follow. And you, the athlete, would have a problem with that because?

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