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The 100 Rep Bench Press Challenge

The 100 Rep Bench Press Challenge

Step up to the plate, and challenge yourself with this bench press test.

A challenge, a line in the sand, a gauntlet thrown down. A call out. Yeah, I’m calling you out, all of you. I’m challenging you to take me, and the rest of OneResult Nation, on in a monthly competition. What’s at stake? Are you serious? You’re that soft you need “incentive”? To WIN, to compete, to be the best, that’s what at stake. If you need more, well stop reading my articles you spoiled little douche bag (although word on the street is that 1R is throwing out a free tee, shaker, and tub of protein to this month’s winner). Now if you’re still reading, you’re ready to go, but do you really want a piece of this? You’re going to look at this and say, no worries, that’s easy.

The challenge is, on paper, simple. All you have to do is bench press the bar (a REAL BAR aka 45 lbs.) 100 times as fast as possible, full reps. First, review my article on how to bench, as you’ve got to know what you’re doing before actually starting. After you review it, we’re going to get rolling. Set up on the bench, take the bar out, make sure you’re set, and go to work. You’re going to need a few things for this competition:

  1. A video camera: To be part of this, you must tape it and put it on Vimeo on the OneResult page. I don’t care what you “say” you did, I got to see it.
  2. A spotter: Because once you get fried out, I’m not being responsible for you missing class because the bar stapled your ass to the bench.
  3. A stop watch: You must show the watch start and stop in the video while keeping the camera on you.

Here are the rules to the competition:

  1. The clock starts once the bar starts moving, not when you take it out of the rack.
  2. You must touch your chest on every rep
  3. You must call out every 10 reps (10, 20, 30… hope you can count by 10’s)
  4. The clock stops once you rack the bar
  5. Partial reps do not count
  6. A link to the video must be posted on the comments section of this article or sent to to count.

This is something almost every athlete I’ve worked with has done, so let’s see if you can hang. This call out to all of our readers is to see who the king/queen of the mountain is, or at least to see if anyone’s going to put their money where their mouth is and go to work with us. Just so you know, I’ve had many athletes miss the 100 bench press reps, so don’t worry if you don’t make it. They didn’t make it here with us either.

Catch me if you can.

And 1R, to ensure you're prepared to bust out the best, and fastest, 100 reps of bench possible, we at OneResult recommend the following pre-workout, NCAA-legal, supplements:

  1. CytoSport Fast Twitch - Increases power and explosiveness in fast twitch muscle fibers and is caffeine-free
  2. Optimum Nutrition AmiN.O. Energy - Allows you to train harder and longer with beta alanine and is sugar-free
  3. Labrada Beta Alanine Endurance - Improves workout capacity and reduces muscle fatigue

06 / 02 / 2017 1Result