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One-Day-A Week Workout

One-Day-A Week Workout

Here’s the one workout to help you build muscle and lose fat, even if you only get one day to train.

Let’s face it, it’s not always easy to make it to the gym. I know the feeling. Mundane tasks add up, you get stuck at work late, you had a function you promised your family (see: girlfriend) you were going to go to. It happens to the best of us. All you wanna do is slang that steel and you can’t. Devastating.

Thankfully you can still stay on track if you’re only able to get one or two days a week in. It’s not ideal, and you won’t be able to put on a great deal of size or strength you’re getting it in sporadically, but the workout below will ensure that you’re able to maintain, even if one shot a week is all you’ve got.

Squats: The truth about doing total body lifts like squats is that they’ll boost your natural testosterone levels and in turn help all your other muscle groups grow. If you’re going to maximize your one day, squats are a must. You might not have fun doing them, but they’re honestly the single most important exercise in this workout (which is why you wanna bust them out first). I’d go so far as to say if you only have one day and are limited for time, just bust out 10 sets of 10 squats in 20 minutes. But if you’ve got the time to get this full workout in, start with 5 sets of 5 squats.

Curl to Press: Two for one happy hour here fellas. One of my favorite combo exercise because it hits bis, (who doesn’t like that?), and adds in the overhead press which may be the most underrated exercise in the toolbox. Simply put, if you wanna be strong you have to move weight in the press. Like the squat while this combo primarily hits your arms and shoulders, you’ll work wonders for you core as well. Now as we’ve discussed before you don’t need to do 20 sets for your arms to grow. Bust out 4 sets of 6 (each arm) when crunched for time and keep it moving.

Deadlifts: This is the blue collar, working man’s exercise. The one that the guy who was fed with a silver spoon avoids like the plague. Why? Because they’re tough as hell. You’re pulling as much weight as you can weight off the floor, putting it back down, then repeating. Sounds simple right? Just stand up. But saying and doing are a completely different story. You’ll effectively work every muscle in your body with a focus on your legs, grip strength, and core which is exactly what you’re looking for if you’re trying to maximize your time in the pump shop. Build muscle, lose fat, in less time. Money. Like the squat if you really wanted to, you could do 8 sets of 5 of these and call it a workout. But for this workout go 4 sets of 6 and move onto the next one.

Renagade Row: A pushup and a row all in one exercise? I’ll take 3…ahhh make it 4 sets of 8 sir. Just two pure power moves while improving your balance and working on your core…nuff said. Coach DeMayo dropped his knowledge on us for this one so refer to his article for perfect execution of the renegade row.

Dips / Leg Raises Superset: Some dip bars are set up so you can bang out both exercises on one piece of equipment. If so, money. If not, no biggie. Dips are going to hit chest, tris, and a little shoulders which is exactly what we’re looking for to finish up this workout. You’d be surprised how tough the march to 25 is. If it’s too easy for ya, strap on some weight big fella. And after those hit the leg raises for that lower ab definition that we all look for. 3 sets of 25 each and you’ll be ready to hit the showers, meat.

Look, 99% of us don’t get paid to workout and eat for a living. That’s just reality. Sometime life gets in the way but when that happens, don’t panic. Getting to the gym once a week isn’t the best blueprint to build a big house, but you made it and you’re ready to go. Maximize your time with the training plan above and you won’t miss a beat.

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