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Top Five Abs Workouts

Top Five Abs Workouts

The list of ab workouts that everyone's been looking for…

Now that you’re set on obliques, there’s one group of muscles that puts the exclamation point on a breathtaking physique. No we’re not talking about biceps again… we’re talking about abs! Granted you’ve now got some time until beach season but seriously, who else is dying for a well defined six pack and great abs exercises? The answer is everyone. So let’s cut the crap and get down to business. Bottom line is these five exercises will get you the abdominals you’ve always wanted and ensure that your entire core is as strong and stable as a fire hydrant.

Weighted Sit-ups:
No gimmicks. Just you, a decline sit-up bench, and a weight in your hands. Go down to where your back is almost touching the bench then back up to the beginning position. You can, of course, do these without the weight, but adding weight to anything is always better for the abs in my book. Just make sure to keep the weight in front of your body so that you don’t put undue stress on your back and neck. If you’re going heavy, 3-4 sets of 6-8 should do the trick.

Roman Chair Leg Raises:
These are a variation of the leg raise you perform on this piece of equipment. With these though you’re really driving your hips up, as if you’re bringing your knees to the ceiling to ensure maximum abdominal activation. A bit more of a power move here, but when you’re doing these for reps you’ll feel them around 10 or 11. 3-4 sets of 15-20 and you’re golden.

Physioball Pikes:
“But Shez, I thought those ridiculous looking blue balls were reserved for the yoga bunnies! Right?... Right?!...” WRONG!!! Don’t let these bad boys fool you as a physioball always adds a degree of difficulty to any abs exercise. Look at it this way; we’ve all seen the guy in the gym doing crunches on the floor till the cows come home… and we all know that’s not working. So man up, bring your legs into your body, and drive your hips up as you bring your butt to the ceiling before returning to the starting position. On these 3-4 sets of 12-15 should help you get your money’s worth.

Ab Rollers:
This is a J SHEZ favorite right here. A tried and tested move your entire core will feel next day, and performing these on a bosu ball will make them even tougher on your abs and lower back. The movement itself is simple, and probably one you’ve seen while watching late night QVC. Just roll out to where you’re almost parallel to the floor and roll back. Be careful not to go too far out or too fast with this motion because we don’t want any straining, or even worse tearing of anything. On these, 4 sets of 10-15 are perfect, but if you really want to dial it up train these from a standing position. If you can do 4 sets of 5 I’ll be very impressed…

Isolated Hanging Leg Raises:
These are tough because they make you feel like you’re on a swing set at first. Your momentum wants to pull your whole body forward while you’re trying to isolate one side. Get your balance, then alternate bringing each leg up so that it’s parallel with the floor. Slow and steady wins the race here, so control it and feel the burn as you do 3 sets of 10 on each side.

And there we have it Meats. Just in time to squeeze in some abs before you put down a few adult sodas with the crew this Friday night. And now that you’re armed with all the oblique and ab exercises you need, there’s really no excuse not to have the washboard stomach you’ve always wanted.

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