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Air Bikes (Bicycles) - (M)

Air Bikes (Bicycles) - (M)

What You'll Need
A mat and the willingness to engage in awesome ab exercises.

Why You Should Be Doing This Exercise
Ever watched the Air Guitar Championships? Ever wanted to participate, but by replacing guitars with bikes? Your chance is on line One. Yeah, the name is ridiculous, but the results are dead serious. If done well, you'll move a can closer to that six, eight, or ten pack.

Lay down on the mat, and throw your hands behind your head. Raise your legs so that your calves are parallel to the floor, and your thighs are making a right angle with them. In position? Shall we then?

What's gonna happen is your right elbow and left knee are going to move towards one another. Think of your right elbow trying to reach your left side, as best it can. The leg movement is like riding a bike, so after your right elbow and left knee make nice, let's do left elbow and right knee.

Once you've touched one elbow to one knee, it's time to address the neglected elbow, and the companion neglected knee. Also try, as best you can, to keep the thighs coming straight out of the ground, instead of slowly angling them flatter and flatter.

Key Don'ts
Two big don'ts: Don't pull your neck with your hands. Your abs should be moving your torso forward. Don't look like your biking to cross the finish line. Take your time with it and get an abdominal flex. One big do: Realize that you've committed to getting a stronger core, and that this is a process. Believe!

03 / 12 / 2017