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Barbell Bench Press - (M)

Barbell Bench Press - (M)

What You'll Need
In a stunner, you'll need a barbell and a flat bench. If you're looking to max, please grab a sane spotter, preferably one without bad breathe or an inclination to spit on you while yelling at you to get that last rep. Or, if you're looking to get fancy with it, give Coach Hermann's article on chains and bands a read... That'll add a layer of difficulty to this all. 

Why You Should Be Doing This Exercise
We can try to be more witty here, or just cut right to the chase. Let's try the chase: The bench press is a fantastic exercise that works almost every muscle in your upper body. Period. Don't over think it.

Lying on the bench, make sure your feet are on the ground, shoulder width apart. Your back is to remain flat on the bench throughout this exercise. Use a grip broader than your shoulder's width, one that's comfortable for you, but not too wide.

After lifting the bar (perhaps with the help of your favorite spotter), lower it to the middle of your chest. Touch your chest, but for the love of man, please don't bounce the bar off of your chest for momentum. Your sternum will thank you later. Also, please don't lock your arms out at the top of the push.

When done, place the bar back on the rack. Yup, that's the bench press. For more though on how to properly bench, give Coach Demayo's excellent start-to-finish bench walk through a read

Key Don'ts
1. Do not put your feet on the bench. This is foolish and never to be done.
2. Don't arch your back. Nope, read that again please. Got it? Good. 
3. Don't lock your elbows out at the top okay? Sincerely, your elbows.

03 / 12 / 2017