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Arnold Dumbbell Presses - (M)

Arnold Dumbbell Presses - (M)

What You'll Need
A seat with a straight back, and our ol' sidekick, Dr. Dumbbell.

Why You Should Be Doing This Exercise
Nice rotational exercise that compounds the shoulder movement. "What?" you say to yourself. Well, this is a nice, total shoulder exercise. Multiple birds, one stone.

Sitting straight up with the dumbbells in your hands, your palms should be facing you.

Push the dumbbells up and rotate them while doing so, so that when your arms are extended, your palms are now facing outward.

Lower the weights back down to your shoulder level (or just below), while rotating your palms back to the starting position. And remember to absolutely get after it again.

Key Don'ts
Pretty straight-forward, we agree. Don't arch your lower back, but you know that already… Right? Right?

04 / 12 / 2017