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Barbell Deadlifts - (F)

Barbell Deadlifts - (F)

What You'll Need
A barbell and some weight make the world go round. Or just make this exercise doable. Perspective. That said an Olympic platform and bumper plates are preferred, but hey, we're not at your gym so drop the weights all you want.... Either way, let's deadlift shall we?

Why You Should Be Doing This Exercise
Great total body that will make your glutes wonder what they did to be treated so harshly. There are some universal truths, so black and white in a world predominately grey. Barbell deadlifts being a great total body exercise that will increase your athletic performance is one of those truths. If you're not doing them because your gym buddies get upset when the weights hit the ground, you should be.

Place your feet beneath the bar, squat down and grab the bar so that your hands are shoulder width apart. (a variety of grips can be used but we prefer the snatch grip where one palm is up and the other is facing down) Make sure your back is flat and your head is facing upwards. Ready for deadlift-off?

Stand up with the bar, keeping your arms and back straight. Your knees and feet should be aligned with one another, and when lifting the bar, keep it close to your body. Think about deadlifting the bar by thrusting your hips forward and extending your hips and knees at the same time.

To lower the bar to the ground, bend your knees and hips at the same time and keep your back flat (essentially the opposite of the movement you made when standing up. Know what's happening while you lower the bar? Those muscles you can't see in the mirror, you know, your posterior chain?... Right, the thing that make you a better athlete, is getting stronger.

Key Don'ts
Don't lean over the bar to force your back to pull the bar up. Keep it straight alright? Don't bend your back when returning the bar back to the ground. Keep it straight alright? And please don't have your feet and knees facing in different directions. Nice and straight. 

15 / 12 / 2017