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Getting Started

Submitted by JonJackson on Sat, 10/14/2017 - 02:38

Hi,My name is Jon and ive struggled the past 2 years with my weight. Since entering High School ive always been called skinny and it never really bothered me until my junior year.The truth is,is that my high school years are coming to a close and i would like to gain weight,confidence,girls and muscle!

A little about me: I just turned 17, im 5'9" i weigh 135, i run cross country and play tennis, and im Pescetarian (like a vegetarian but still eat fish) .I recently got my first job so now i am able to buy supplements and all that stuff. I really just need some advise on how to start. Tips suggestions .. really anything will help at this point.
also I do not own weights and do not own a gym membership

Weight Gain