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Updating workouts

Submitted by ccarter3 on Wed, 09/06/2017 - 14:52

I want to start off saying i love this website. i have learned alot and i love all the help 1R provides for athletes out there. Im a fitness athlete and exercising by running, climbing, crosfit, power lifting is fun to me. I have ran through a couple of 1R workouts and iv enjoyed them. My concern is this..

I like lifting at least 5 days a week, first workout I ever did from 1R was the 5 day isolation. Similiar to how i used to lift It was an easy adjustment. Today I was about to look into doing the program again, except I realized there have een no changes made to the program, nothing to make it more challenging. The same intro/phasing weeks and movements.

Suggestion. Maybe add a "level two" to some of the more popular workouts. So after the 12 week program an athlete can jump right into another program.
best wishes 1R

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