Get Cut Package

Get Cut Package
Get Cut Package

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If lean muscle mass is the goal, this protein-rich package is the set of supplements that will help you get the results you’re looking for. The Optimum Nutrition Hydro-Whey will help you recover faster and build muscle after workouts, while the Cytosport Complete Casein will help keep your muscles from breaking down while you sleep. The tasteless Optimum Nutrition Fish Oil rounds out the package by reducing swelling and inflammation, in addition to promoting fat loss, so you’re able to get faster and stronger without putting on excess weight.

  • Hydrowhey – A great tasting, low-carb, whey protein powder that provides the base for strength and muscle growth
  • Casein – A slow digesting protein that works while you sleep to prevent any unwanted muscle breakdown
  • Fish Oil – Beyond improving your cardiovascular health and being a natural fat burner, fish oil helps you repair muscle tissue and fight inflammation to keep you going at your best continuously

Package Highlights/Benefits

  • Helps protect and build muscle tissue 24/7
  • Enables you to recover faster between workouts
  • Reduces soreness associated with intense training sessions
  • Low carb content is perfect for those trying to get cut and lose weight
  • Great taste


  • EARLY MORNING: Wake up with a scoop of Hydro-Whey and 3 Fish Oil softgels to jumpstart your metabolism and keep you going throughout the day
  • POST WORKOUT: 1-2 scoops of Hydro-Whey after each workout
  • BEFORE BED: Take 1-2 scoops of Complete Casein with 3 Fish Oil softgels


  • Hydro-Whey – 40 servings
  • Complete Casein – 30 servings
  • Fish Oil – 200 softgels