Get Toned Package

Get Toned Package
Get Toned Package

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If you’re a female athlete who trains hard to get toned, you deserve a package that supports your effort, and works as hard as you do. The Optimum Nutrition Opti-Women vitamin will support your active lifestyle and increase your energy levels while the low-carb, low-calorie, Whey Isolate will serve as a great meal replacement or post workout recovery shake. The tasteless Optimum Nutrition Fish Oil rounds out the package by reducing swelling and inflammation while promoting fat loss, ensuring toned doesn't mean too muscular.

  • Opti-Women – A complete multi-vitamin specifically designed for the needs of the female athlete
  • Whey Isolate – A low-carb, low-calorie recovery shake that tastes great and helps reduce soreness after workouts
  • Fish Oil – Beyond improving cardiovascular health and being a natural fat burner, fish oil helps you repair muscle tissue and fight inflammation to get you back up and going continuously

Package Highlights/Benefits

  • Increases energy levels throughout the day
  • Improves recovery after workouts and reduces soreness
  • Helps burn unwanted fat while reducing inflammation


  • EARLY MORNING: Wake up with a scoop of Whey Isolate, 2 Fish Oil softgels, and 1 Opti-Women vitamin to jumpstart your metabolism and increase your energy throughout the day
  • POST WORKOUT: 1 scoop of Whey Isolate and 1 Opti-Women multivitamin to improve recovery
  • BEFORE BED: Take 2 Fish Oil softgels


  • Opti-Women – 60 servings
  • Whey Isolate – 30 servings
  • Fish Oil – 200 softgels