Padded Lifting Straps

Valeo Padded Straps
Padded Lifting Straps

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Who's Using This Product?


When throwing around serious weight (let the Big Dog eat!), sometimes you need a little help to get to the next level. Which is why, if you find your grip failing and the bar slipping on heavy lifts like deadlifts and rows, it may be time to invest in a pair of lifting straps.

These padded straps from Valeo ensure your grip doesn’t go before the rest of you has had enough. By reinforcing your grip these straps allow you to move more weight, build more muscle, and add the strength you're working so hard for this offseason.

Product Highlights/Benefits

  • 100% heavy-duty cotton with comfortable neoprene padding
  • Extra length and width for improved gripping
  • Machine washable

Recommended Use

  • Use to maximize pulling strength on compound exercises such as deadlifts, rows, and shrugs

There are no nutrition facts for this product.