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Ball Refill
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Ball Refill

We don't sell this product. We only offer NCAA-legal supplements to athletes who are serious about training and getting better.

1R is dedicated to selling products that will help make a difference in your performance and physical appearance. However, we’ll never sell something that won't contribute to effectively, and safely, accomplishing your goals.

These are just a few principles of the 1R Retail Advantage. To better understand our philosophy and promise of quality, you can read about them here.

1R's Take: If you’re looking to buy Ball Refill, please reassess your life and its priorities. Now, having done that, ask yourself, if a retailer is willing to sell me this, do they:

a. Have my best interests in mind?
b. Actually care about what they sell, whether it works, and whether it’s safe?

Hard to answer yes to any of those questions, but if you did, you’ll love these Ball Refill retailers!

What They Want You to Believe:

Vigor Labs Ball Refill contains a blend of ingredients designed to help support sexual health.*

Get results fast when taken with Vigor Labs Chainsaw.

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