Training Plan - Week 1

Week 1

This training plan was created by an NCAA certified strength and conditioning coach.

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Push Jerks

What You'll Need
A power rack, a barbell, some plates, and a vision for what you will be.

Why You Should Be Doing This Exercise
Your legs and shoulders. What do you they mean to you, the athlete? We'd venture to say a lot. Why not work them together along with your core, hips and arms with an explosive, total body exercise? Right, we thought so. Shall we then?

Stand underneath the barbell on support racks and place your fingers over the bar (palms facing out from you) and elbows in. Now take the barbell off of the support racks and stand upright (athletic stance) with the bar at the top of your chest and again, your elbows in.

With your toes pointed slightly outward, and your back straight, you're now going to do a quarter to half squat down. From that position explode upward, pushing off the floor and driving the barbell upward from the top of your chest. At the top of the barbell push (your arms should almost be fully extended over your head), rise onto your toes and jump your feet out to your sides and back down into a quarter squat. Got that? That's one explosive movement with a lot of components to it.

Your arms should be fully extended at the time of, or just before, your feet landing. The bar should form a straight line directly over your ears. Once that's happened, you should stand upright. Now return the bar to your upper chest, and realize you're one step closer to being the vision.

Key Don'ts
Arching your back, not getting a nice half-squat in, not fully extending your arms above you… What do you think those all have in common? You probably already guessed it but they're all in in the no-go zone.