Training Plan - Week 1

Week 1

This training plan was created by an NCAA certified strength and conditioning coach.

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Olympic Complex

What You'll Need
A barbell and an insatiable appetite for building a better athlete.

Why You Should Be Doing This Exercise
Complexes not only burn fat but they increase total body strength and explosiveness. Couple that with the "Olympic" title and it all of a sudden becomes evident why OneResult is such a fan of this complex.

Get into an athletic position with a barbell in your hands, palms down, shoulder width apart, as if you're about to do a hang clean.

Clean the bar from just about your knees to your shoulders, pause, and go right into a push press.

Once you've push pressed the bar above your head, hold it there for a split second before doing an overhead squat. Once you've done that feel free to bring the bar back to your thighs to start again.

Key Don'ts
At first, don't be a hero. This complex movement is very taxing and for most, the bar may be the appropriate weight. Gradually work your way up to superman status, but don't expect to be an Olympian overnight.