Training Plan - Week 1

Week 1

This training plan was created by an NCAA certified strength and conditioning coach.

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Weighted Pull-Ups

What You'll Need
A pull-up bar, a weight belt, and a love for punishing yourself with this pull-up variation.

Why You Should Be Doing This Exercise
The pull-up is a great exercise that Ancient Romans were probably doing. Except they hadn't figured out weight belt yet. Feeling lucky? You won't be shortly.

Weight belt, on. Plates attached to weight belt, on. Alright. Hand width is entirely within your discretion. Keep em close to work the inner lat, and widen them out to hit the outer lat. The wider out, the more lat intense the exercise becomes. Oh, and your your fingers should be over the bar, and thus your palms facing out from you.

While keeping your body straight (crossing your feet to stabilize yourself is cool too) pull yourself up so that your chin clears the bar, and the bar touches your upper chest.

Lower yourself from the bar in a cool, calm, and collected fashion. Don't swing, don't get herky jerky. The weight will keep you honest because if you do, it'll be a disaster. Once all the way down (arms fully extended), pull yourself back up.

Key Don'ts
The more you pull your elbows into your rib cage, the more you win. The less you do that, the less you win. Also, the straighter your body is, the less swinging there is, the more your lats approve. If you need a refresher, take a look at this back to the basics pull-up piece. Who doesn't like approval?