Training Plan - Week 1

Week 1

This training plan was created by an NCAA certified strength and conditioning coach.

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Push Presses

What You'll Need
Head over to the squat rack and mentally prepare for another great total body exercise. Throw a barbell on, stack some plates, and you're good to go.

Why You Should Be Doing This Exercise
This is most definitely the best shoulder exercise a human being can do (don't believe us? Coach Demayo thinks they're one of the best exercises for athletes). Here are a few buzz words you can use when your friends ask you why: explosiveness, core strength, complex exercise, straight fuego.

Set the barbell on the squat rack, get under it so that you're holding the bar in your hands, while the back of your hands are on your shoulders. Remove your new best friend from the rack, take a few steps back, and get ready for the main event.

With your chest high (puffed out), and your back straight, bend your knees and use the momentum to explode upward as you raise the bar and extend your arms and legs.

Lower the weights back down to shoulder level, return your knees and arms back to a bend. Take a short glance at yourself in the mirror and fire it up again.

Key Don'ts
Always keep Mr. Barbell in front of your face. You never know what he'll do if you don't keep an eye on him. Also, momentum is a good thing in this exercises so don't be afraid to use those legs and hips to help you get that weight up.