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Brendan McKee


Brendan “Bonesaw” McKee has been training individuals since 2004 and is a graduate of Amherst College where he was Captain of the Lord Jeff football team. Over his career he earned all-conference and all-region honors in addition to getting the nickname Bonesaw for his bone-jarring hits and savage antics in the weight room and on campus. After school Brendan played football professionally in Vienna, Austria for the Danube Dragons. He also aided in the implementation of the strength and conditioning programs that the Dragons continue to use today. Today Brendan serves as a mentor and coach at InnerCity Weightlifting in Boston where kids who are at risk for gang related activities are trained in Olympic lifts to improve their athletic performance, tutored, and taught to say no to violence and yes to opportunity. Before InnerCity Bonesaw worked with individuals from Athletes Performance, Poliquin Performance Centers, Cressey Performance, and Hayes Sports Performance. Brendan is also the owner of MFD Training, “Manus Fortis Ducerit,” Lead with a Strong Hand.

Performance Coach