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Doug Balzarini


Doug Balzarini is the founder of DB Strength, a company that provides personal training, sports performance coaching, nutritional services, and fitness/wellness education. He is also the strength and conditioning coach for the Alliance MMA Fight Team in San Diego, CA. Previously, Doug worked at Fitness Quest 10 as a personal trainer, strength coach, and Operations Director for Todd Durkin Enterprises.
A Massachusetts native, he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science with a minor in Business Management for Westfield State University. Since moving to San Diego, he has completed some graduate work in Biomechanics at SDSU, and obtained multiple certifications/trainings including the NSCA - CSCS certification, ACE - Personal Trainer certification, MMA - Conditioning Coach certification, and TRX Instructor Training.
He has appeared in dozens of fitness videos, written numerous fitness-related articles, has competed in multiple grappling tournaments, and produced his own 2-DVD set titled, “Strength & Conditioning for the Combat Athlete."
Prior to working at Fitness Quest 10, Doug worked for the American Council on Exercise as the ‘Continuing Education Coordinator’ where he was responsible for managing over 400 continuing education providers. For more information please visit

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