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Steve Reed


Steve Reed is Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) who holds a degree in Science of Exercise and Nutrition from Virginia Tech, and currently works as a performance coach for Student-Athlete and Adult Performance Training (SAPT) in Fairfax, VA. Reed first began his pursuit of helping athletes achieve healthy, high-performing bodies, through volunteering with the Virginia Tech Strength and Conditioning staff. There he trained the Baseball, Wrestling, Swimming, and Softball teams. Since then, he has helped a wide variety of people achieve their goals including: NCAA athletes, professional bodybuilders, competitive powerlifters, and “average joes” seeking to improve their bodies' health and performance. Reed also has experience working as a Physical Therapy Aide in both Northern Virginia and Blacksburg, and currently competes in various obstacle course races in the Mid-Atlantic Region. He, along with the SAPT staff, publishes a daily blog at

Performance Coach